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Online German lessons with plenty of online exercises

  • You are about preparing your German exams like the Goethe Zertifikat, TestDaF, DSH, TELC Deutsch or other? You have little time left and you do not know how to manage ?
  • Your current German classes you are attending are not living up to your expectations and what was promised?
  • You need German for your work (German speaking clients, frequent business trips to Germany or Austria) ? Or you will have  job interviews in German in the near future?
  • You are working on your German for some time, but do not make the desired progress? Your German manuals and grammar books are getting dusty, although you were wanting to take German up again for some time, but you do not find time or you do not know where an how to begin?

If one of those questions apply to you, then you are at the right place!

A devoted teacher just for you!

About myself: I will be your personal teacher, devoted to your language goal to learn German or to take it up again. You have unsesonable hours? I can adapt! Learning foreign langages should always be fun - that's the best way to learn and remember. That's why you will find plenty of listening exercises on my site with fascinating and recurring subjects accompanied with explanations to vocabulary, expressions, German dialects and, historical and cultural background information or an outline of the political landscape in Germany, where it seems useful for better understanding. That's why you find popular German songs on this site, popular comedians, all already free available on this site after registration.


A pedagogical approach getting you up and ready for your success and appreciated by many of my previous learners from teens to ever-greens. You will not only learn a new language: I will show you precious tricks how to memorize words more easily and more efficiently. You will be shown ways to make German grammar seem so easy! And you will built up an agreeable and easy-going relationship with your personal teacher.

Personalized exercises

You will be working on individualized exercises from a recommended course book and from my Website. You can already have a go and browse through and discover useful German exercises and drilling exercises to check out your level. (For the access of some more developed exercises with useful grammar clues or vocab hints with tables and illustrations, all you need to do is to register with your valid mail and username!) To support my work, you can of course also purchase my documents.


Take lessons when you are free. Do not miss a lesson, because you could not make it. And if you cannot hold a booked lesson, let's reschedule it! After all, a lost lesson is money lost! You do not have to travel far by wind and weather to learn German. Take your German distance course comfortably installed in front of your computer by a nice "cuppa tea"!

It is not almost 20 years of exciting teaching experience in classes, small groups and face-to-face lessons. It is fun to see how passionate or relieved my students get, when they see that German is actually quite an easy and well structured language, if it is taught the right way. Even the seemingly bulky and endless German words make more sens, if you understand the imagery and the meaning behind it.

Most importantly however for me is, and that is my experience, the more you like the language you are learning, the more you like the sound and the culture, the more fun it is to learn it.

My sacred creed for efficient language learning is always: undrestanding bevore learning (by heart). That is, if you do not fully understand the principle rules and logic behind the declination, all the declination tables you learn laboriously will be forgotten in no time. I will show you, how almost all declinations (be it definite, indefinite articles, personal or relative pronouns, or adjectives ...) are all more or less to one fundamental declination set. And you will be shown much more of such miracle tricks.

You will be shown the easy way to get to gras with the irregular German verbs - you will  learn them in half the time and twice as much confidence than in conventional lessons!

You will be shown how to get all these prepositions not always mixed up again. Your error rate on the preposition front will drop significantly! 

You will be shown how to pronounce the -ch- correctly and how to produce it correctly - and easily! (After all: The Germans would not have the "terrible" -ch- if it was difficult or impossible to pronounce!) You will be shown how to pronounce the "ü" and the "ö".... and much more!

But apart from all these important technical langue tips, it is the Most important thing for me, to feel yourself comfortable with me and my method. A light and easy-going method, but well thought through and structured, like it is in figure skating:  You do not see the effort  and mathematics, you only see the grace and elegance, the smooth gliding over the ice. Even if you feel under exam pressure it is important to make you feel free from all that, to make your thoughts free again from all the dark clouds that blur your clear sight and muddle your memory and concentration.


Your German online course at home

You will benefit from almost 20 years of teaching experience and clever short cuts to learn fast and good the arguably difficult German language!


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